Ageless Innovation | Our Story


In 2015, an innovation team was formed at Hasbro and given the unique challenge to leverage the company’s assets in new markets and new channels at scale. Focusing on the health and wellness space, they were convinced that creating engaging products that foster meaningful connections through play, joy and happiness would have a positive impact. Fueling this new initiative was the insight that there was a void of products which bring fun and play to the older adult market and the belief that play knows no age limit.

It was with that critical insight that the Joy for All brand was born. Based on consumer insights, immersive market research, and constant feedback from aging loved ones and their families the team knew that there were opportunities to provide the joy and playful companionship of pet ownership with the new line of interactive Joy for All Companion Pets.

Designed with extensive input from older adults, Joy for All launched the Companion Pet Cats in December 2015. Within the first few months, the effects that these products were having on aging loved ones and their families was undeniable. Stories and testimonials from caregivers on the positive impact on isolation, loneliness, and all forms of cognitive decline continued to validate what the team had believed all along – that the power of play was relevant at all stages of life.

Following the initial success of the cat, the Companion Pet Pup was introduced in 2016. As the product line expanded, so did the brand’s coverage from news outlets, journals, popular TV shows and influencers, which drove over 2 billion media impressions in two years. The Joy for All brand grew rapidly within the longevity market and earned many industry awards validating the impact that these products were having on those living independently or in care communities. Bringing the interactive companionship, happiness and purpose associated with owning a pet, without the responsibility, continues to be a key to the brand’s success.

Customer reviews praised the Joy for All pets’ unique ability to engage, delight, enhance meaningful connections, provide companionship, calm, sooth and most importantly promote happiness. These published testimonials caught the attention of academics and clinicians leading to multiple independent research projects intended to measure and quantify the impact of the Joy for All products on loneliness, isolation, Alzheimer’s and all forms of dementia. The early results were encouraging, and it became clear that 100% focus on the older adult population was required to maximize impact and achieve scale in this growing market.

In May of 2017, the Joy for All leadership team left Hasbro and founded Ageless Innovation, successfully executing a friendly spin-out acquisition of the Joy for All brand and business. Within Ageless Innovation the Joy for All brand continues to bring joy, fun, play, and comfort to the older adult market, with a focus on improving quality of life for aging loved ones, their families, and caregivers. Through continued innovation, meaningful partnerships and validated outcomes, the Joy for All brand and the Ageless Innovation team will work passionately to amplify impact on older adults and their families.