Companion Pet Cat

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For cozy contentment, there’s nothing like a cat purring peacefully in your lap.  Joy for All Companion Pet cats look, feel, and sound like real cats.  And just like live pets, studies show that these interactive companions can improve quality-of-life and overall well-being for aging loved ones.

Start petting their realistic, hypoallergenic fur and they’ll purr with delight—and even roll over for tummy scratches!  Joy For All Companion Pet cats are so charming that it’s easy to forget they’re robotic.

The perfect gift for older adults with Alzheimer’s or other dementias, they also alleviate feelings of isolation or loneliness, without expensive vet bills!

4 x 1.5V C alkaline batteries included


Companion cats

Joy for All cats provide a sense of company and contentment. But for elderly adults struggling with dementia, the demands of caring for a live animal are often impractical. That’s where Joy for All cats come in!

Healthy and happy

Just like live animals, Joy for All companion cats improve mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

Always cuddly

Our cats are always happy to snuggle, and respond to petting with VirbaPurr technology!

Lively dialogue

Joy for All cats purr and meow just like the real thing, creating a feeling of lively interaction.

Sound science

Studies show that Joy for All robotic therapy pets are highly effective at reducing feelings of loneliness and isolation.

Joy for All Companion Pet Cat


15.24 x 9.02 x 10.12 inches
3.9 pounds

4 C batteries required. (included)

Proper cleaning is essential to ensure safe handling and to avoid damaging the electronics.

To clean your pet:

  • Spray fur with Dapple cleaner or similar non-toxic toy cleaner
  • Gently wipe fur with a clean, dry towel, and let dry
  • Wipe down fur with a disposable germicidal wipe such as PDI
  • Super Sani-Cloth wipes, and let dry
  • Brush the entirety of fur with a bristled brush
  • Repeat as needed

Ideally each person would have their own pet, however if the pets are in a setting with multiple users we recommend that each person wash and sanitize their hands before and after each use.

Do not soak the fur or place under running water.

Companion cat user guide


More of a dog person?

Joy for All felines are wonderful, but for many of us, only a dog will do!

That’s why we’ve created Joy for All Companion Pet pups!  With a realistic heartbeat, soft fur, and lifelike interactions, they’ll wag and bark at your touch.  And innovative BarkBack technology means they’ll interact conversationally for as long as you like.

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Why choose a Joy For All Companion Pet?

Everyone deserves joy, play, and companionship, and the responsibilities of owning a pet shouldn't be a barrier to the delight that pets can provide.

Joy for All Companion Pets have been designed with extensive feedback from aging and elderly loved ones, their families, volunteers, and professional caregivers to provide comfort, companionship, and fun.

Joy for All pets have won multiple awards including the Caregiver Friendly Award from Today's Caregiver and the Dementia SMART Award from the Dementia Society of America.