JOY FOR ALL Companion Pets are designed to bring comfort, companionship, and fun to elder loved ones. Our interactive cats and pup are all about an ease-of-care and convenience that pairs with technology for the best possible experience.

What Are People Saying?

It is adorable. I bought it for my father who wanted a little dog for a companion but lives in an apartment complex that does not allow pets. He is so taken with "Gus". He fell in love with him as soon as we took it out of the box!

Jen C.

We purchased the golden retriever for our elderly mother. She just loves it. Named him Buddy and he's by her side all the time. We couldn't be happier for her. She lives alone and this is the most perfect gift.

Donna K.

The best purchase I have ever made for my personal care home senior client. It looks and sounds so real. They just love Rosie. That’s what they named her.

Pauline E.

Kitty brings such joy and comfort to my 101 yr old mother. She is soft and cuddly. Her meowing is soothing to hear. Mom just loves to sit and pet her.

Rosalind A.