Why choose our pets

Joy for All Companion Pets look, feel, sound, and react much like real cats and dogs, but they’re virtually care-free. These pets are great for older adults and caregivers as they work and interact naturally, right out of the box.

  • The cats nuzzle, meow, roll over for tummy rubs and have a purr you can feel
  • Our Golden Pup has a heartbeat, a playful bark and responds to voices
  • Both cats and pup provide better resident quality of life through interactive companionship
  • Joy for All can bring joy to people of all stages of life and enhance meaningful interactions with their loved ones
  • Bulk and commercial discounts are available



Discover Joy for All interactive Companion Pets.
“This is a great product. Just the way people interact and the way they feel about it -- Like it’s a real cat. It’s amazing to see, and as an Activity Director, it’s just touching. This is what we work for.”-Nancy D
“These cats are central to a larger focus on non-pharmacological interventions for Memory Care residents,” she shared. -Mary F.
"They really help our residents to access those nurturing emotions and feelings that perhaps they had for a past pet." - Juliet K.
“Your sensory therapeutic cats have had a significant impact on our memory care residents. They have brought joy and comfort to them, calm and companionship.” -Wendy H.

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