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Yes. Under a velcroed flap on its stomach, there is a switch with ON, MUTE, OFF. 

Proper cleaning is essential to ensure safe handling and to avoid damaging the electronics.

To clean your pet:
• Spray fur with Dapple cleaner or similar non-toxic toy cleaner
• Gently wipe fur with a clean, dry towel, and let dry
• Wipe down fur with a disposable germicidal wipe such as PDI Super Sani-Cloth wipes, and let dry
• Brush the entirety of fur with a bristled brush
• Repeat as needed

Ideally each person would have their own pet, however if the pets are in a setting with multiple users we recommend that each person wash and sanitize their hands before and after each use.

Do not soak the fur or place under running water.

Just like a real Pet, some shedding can be expected.

It will vary from user to user depending on how much they interact with their pet.

At this time we are only offering the Companion Pet Cat, Pup, and kitten, however, we’re always listening to our consumers and developing products based on those insights.

The Companion Pet Cats and Pups are powered by four C alkaline batteries (included), and the kitten is powered by 4 AA alkaline batteries.

The Companion Pets are life-like interactive pets designed specifically to bring companionship, happiness, and joy to aging loved ones. We do not consider JOY FOR ALL Pets to be a toy. Our Companion Pets are designed for an older demographic who want to enjoy the fun and companionship of a pet, without assuming the responsibilities and expense of taking care of a real pet.

We believe that people of all ages and background would enjoy having a Companion Pet in their lives.  Some specific use cases include people who:

  • Would enjoy being entertained by and engaging with a life-like pet
  • Don’t want to assume the responsibilities and expense of taking care of a real pet
  • Aren’t able to take care of a real pet due to living environment or personal circumstances

Companion Pets are life-like interactive pets created to bring companionship, happiness and fun to your aging loved ones. These life-like, motion-sensor-enabled plush pets are furry, friendly, low-maintenance companions that look, feel and sound like real Cats and Pups. And, they are unique as affordable, realistic, and interactive animatronic pets created to appeal to aging loved ones.

Yes!  If you do not touch your cat for a few minutes, it will go to sleep.  To wake him/her, simply give it a gentle pat on the back.

  • To inspire delight, companionship, and engagement
  • To give them something positive to share with family and friends
  • To provide something for children and grandchildren to enjoy with their elder loved ones when they get together

The fur on our Companion Pets are made from polyester and acrylic and all materials are 100% synthetic. 

You can find links to download the instruction manual for each of our pets here:

JFA Companion Pet Cat User Guide  

JFA Companion Pet Pup User Guide  

JFA Companion Pet Cat User Guide  

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